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Welcome to our Camberwell escorts page, this page is home to a variety of gorgeous ladies looking to tease and please you gents and leave you with a big smile on your face, book your ladies today either by our online booking form on via the agency number. Camberwell is another London area which started life in the Home counties. Originally part of Surrey, the expansion of London meant that more areas were included in the greater London plan and Camberwell was merged into the London borough of Southwark. The existence of numerous natural springs meant that Camberwell was thought of as a natural healing place although most Londoners avoided this area as it was where those with life threatening diseases like Leprosy were expelled. Our Camberwell escorts are happily in perfect health and whilst this is not attributed to the clarity and healing aspects of the local water, it certainly can be attributed to living in such a vibrant and exciting place.

The arrival of the railways in 1860 ensured that Camberwell became a popular place to live. The common land at Camberwell Green was given protected status to prevent any development and the green exists to this day. Annual fairs and events have been held here for the last century although now the area is considered too small to host most local events. The only event our clients look forward to is their date with our stunning escorts in Camberwell. They do not need any external input in order to enjoy themselves all that is needed is some imagination and a sense of adventure!

Try not to get too adventurous or acrobatic though as you may find yourself paying a visit to the Kings College Hospital. Located in Camberwell, the hospital originally stood on a site close to Kings college itself in Lincolns Inn fields. Built in 1840 it was the location of the first major surgery carried out by Joseph Lister under antiseptic conditions. It was this ground-breaking action that helped propel it to become one of the most venerated hospitals in Europe although such demand meant that a bigger site was necessary to cope with demand. The current hospital was built in 1909 and boasted the installation of the second telephone in the UK. Of course telephones have moved on a little since then and not only are they used to make phone calls but to view websites, message and manage our daily lives. Our own Camberwell escorts can be viewed on your telephone and booked by just a few clicks, a world away from that momentous moment at Kings all those years ago.

You may have heard of the Camberwell beauty and whilst it would not be unrealistic to think that we were talking about our Camberwell escorts, it is in fact a butterfly. Rarely found in the UK, it gained its name through being identified in Camberwell in 1748. Native to North America it goes by the name of mourning cloak there. It is thought that these rare sightings were more to do with the insects hibernating in the stacks of timber coming in to the ports since the sightings have only ever been reported in these areas. Our Escorts Camberwell have been sighted in all areas of London although they do prefer to meet with gentlemen closer to home. Why not call now and make your date with your own Camberwell beauty at our London escort agency.