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For the hottest Camden escorts browse through our sublime selection, this area is the home of alternative culture and where you will see everything from the most entertaining through to the most shocking. Street markets, carnivals and music venues set the scene for an enlightening visit and certainly a place worth visiting, ideally in the company of one of our beautiful Camden escorts. If you are looking for something unique to remind you of your time in London then this is the perfect place. From its inception in the late 1700s, it was considered as an unfashionable district due to local industry along the canals and the prominence of the early railway system but it was the very fact that it was something of an outcast area that lead to it being embraced by those who also felt excluded in society. Today the area is a celebration of alternative culture and the very reason for its success.

The Regents canal runs through Camden and in the summer a narrow-boat excursion from Camden Lock to Little Venice is a great way to spend a sunny afternoon. Why not enjoy this trip with one of our Camden escorts and stop off at London Zoo or Regent’s Park itself although perhaps the best destination is Camden market where you could definitely lose a few hours and spend more than just a few pounds here!

Camden Escorts adore the market which is located on a site formerly occupied by warehouses and disused railway yards. The area was earmarked as the site of a motorway in the 1970s and residential building ceased. This allowed a temporary market to spring up and after the proposed motorway plans were abandoned the market flourished. Today the market covers acres of land and includes Stables market, Buck Street market, Inverness market, horse tunnel market and the Electric Ballroom so be prepared to set aside an entire day if you want to see everything it has to offer. Despite being known as an alternative market, many top brands that we all know started life here. The Body Shop and Red or Dead are just a couple so perhaps your alternative item could one day become a household name.

Out & About with Escorts in Camden

There are plenty of pavement cafes and exclusive restaurants here so there are plenty of opportunities to rest your legs. Our Camden escorts have plenty of energy though so if you choose to go together, they won’t slow you down! It might be worthwhile staying overnight in the area just to ensure that you don’t miss anything. There are a number of local hotels including Camden Lock hotel and Corner House hotel which are ideally located. Our escorts in Camden will always be more than happy to visit you during your stay whether you need company for a single hour or an entire night.

It is often said that our Escorts Camden will create the magic for your time in the area but if you are partial to sleight of hand or other illusions then Camden is the natural choice as it is home to the only on-street magic shop in the UK. The headquarters of the Magic circle are close by in Euston and tours can be arranged in advance. If you want to enjoy a sensational date then do give us a call as our success is no illusion but attributed to the beauty and warmth of our local escorts in Camden.