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Londonescorts.london presents you with the best Chelsea escorts in your area for discreet and personal outcall bookings and so we hope you enjoy the ladies! The fact that the 151st richest person in the world owns the local football team should tell you everything you need to know about this part of London. Chelsea Football club is a premier league team with a billionaire Russian owner and whilst the sums of money thrown around purchasing players is eye-watering, they are nothing in comparison to the average wealth of a local. With a population of just 72000, 75% of which do not have children, Chelsea is a grown up club that only the most successful can join. The average household net worth is over £1 million but it would need to begiven the soaring prices of property here. Our elite Chelsea escorts are of the highest calibre and often the first port of call for single gentlemen living in the area.

Whilst football is a predominantly male pastime, shopping is distinctly favoured by women. Chelsea has two main shopping streets, The Kings Road and Fulham road which are home to some of the most iconic brands in the world. Vivienne Westwood’s punk boutique is still open and is certainly worth a visit, even if the clothing style is not to your taste. The store has been here since the 70’s when the locals were bent on anarchy rather than consumerism and it is this colourful history that has shaped the current area into the exciting and vibrant location it is today. Our Chelsea escorts love to browse the unique labels and designer shops and no trip to Chelsea is complete without a visit to the Chelsea antiques market, a true treasure trove of eclectic wonder.

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The area you see today is a great deal more conservative than it has been during its history. Links with Royalty have gone back as far as King Henry VIII who acquired the Manor of Chelsea in the 16th century. The rest of the Aristocracy followed suit and by the end of the 17th Century Chelsea was known as the village of Palaces. The area suffered something of a downturn in the early 19th century as new elegant areas emerged and the wealthy moved their attentions to increasing their fortunes in other areas. This allowed the writers, artists, poets and radicals to stake their claim and Chelsea earned a reputation as being rather Bohemian, if somewhat shabby. The personality of the area was changed forever as many of the artistic types were not considered to be of good standing and when the swinging 60’s happened, Chelsea was primed to be the leading light of the times. Our Chelsea escorts love the vibe of the area as it really encapsulates everything they love. A devil may care attitude yet with class and style with the ability to make choices that are not available to other mere mortals.

At the other end of the spectrum, elegance and beauty shine every year at the RHS Chelsea flower show. A great day out that our escorts in Chelsea enjoy, you can sip champagne whilst appreciating the beauty of the gardens created by leading landscapers and gardeners. With over 100 exhibits in the great pavilion and 500 exhibitors in total there is plenty to see and enjoy. The very first show was in 1913 and two of the original exhibitors still show today. Our escorts Chelsea can be included in the numbers of people attending the event every year and they may even help to make up the 10,823 glasses of champagne enjoyed every year!