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Why not treat yourself to the our Chiswick escorts? We have some of the best girls in the area which you can take advantage and all you have to do is give us a call or arrange your online booking through the reservation form at the top. Chiswick is perhaps best known for its strong connections with the River Thames. It is the site of the finishing post for the annual Oxford and Cambridge boat race however it has always relied heavily on fishing and boating trades since there were no bridges across the Thames until after the Middle Ages. Given its excellent position on a meander of the Thames, settlements have been made here for aeons. Artefacts have been found which date back to the last Ice Age and dredging the Thames has revealed over 100 skulls believed to have been Iron age burials or sacrifices to the gods. Our Chiswick escorts would be deemed as a gift from the Gods with no sacrifice necessary, such is their beauty although we would advise early booking as they are always very much in demand.

In the very early days of settlement in London, the Thames was the super highway of the city and Chiswick was blessed with an enviable location from which to trade with the passing traffic and offer services to visitors. Not unlike our very own Chiswick escorts today in that visitors like to spend time with them and our girls are available for encounters with locals too however local industry is not so reliant on the river as it once was

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Early Chiswick had an almost holy status up until Georgian times. The Chiswick Eyot is a small island which only ever granted access at low tide. Covering an area of just 2 acres, early settlers used it as a place of worship with evidence of some very early habitation although the island is only inhabited by wildlife now. Natural erosion over time has meant that at high tide the island is completely submerged with exception of the trees however at low tide visitors can walk across. If you visit with any of our beautiful Chiswick escorts do be aware of the rising tide as you wont want to get stuck when the waters flood the island!

No visit to Chiswick would be complete without making the trip to Chiswick House. Built in 1725, the structure is reminiscent of Ancient Rome. Set within 65 beautifully manicured gardens the building will draw gasps of amazement at the sheer opulence and scale of the beauty. Domed ceilings, lead sphinxes and numerous depictions of Gods and Goddesses can be found in every room you visit and given the scale of the palatial building, there are plenty of them. It is difficult to believe that a single family once lived here. When you have spent time in this building you and your companion might be relieved to return to your hotel room and relax. At least here you can feel safe touching the furniture! Our escorts in Chiswick will always be more than happy to spend time with you at your hotel and a fabulous date with Escorts Chiswick only usually requires an active imagination and willingness to have fun. No costly National trust tickets required just a sense of adventure.