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Before the Earls Court Exhibition centre there was the Royal Agricultural hall in Islington. Formally opened in 1862 it was the brainchild of The Duke of Bedford and other members of the landed gentry who were members of the Smithfield club. They had already formed the group in 1798 which held exhibitions of livestock and agricultural machinery however their premises had become too small so a new 65,000 square feet glass domed building was erected. So impressive was the building that the Royal Tournament was held here from 1880 as well as other various exhibitions and shows including the very first Crufts dog show. Today the building is the Business Design centre where many major brands have their headquarters including Barbour, Samsung and Illy. The coffee company is certainly a favourite brand of our Islington escorts and a day out at the London Art fair, which is held here every year is a chance to acquire new pieces from aspiring young artists.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, Islington was a popular excursion destination for Londoners. The village had a rural feel and many people took the chance on their rare days off to get out of the city and relax in the spacious and natural surroundings. As a result, local entrepreneurs started to build pubs and dance halls and by 1716 there was 56 alehouses in Upper Street alone. The Kings Head Tavern had its own theatre where music and dancing were commonplace as well as archery, skittles and bowling. The Tavern is still in existence today, although as an opera house. It enjoyed a revival in popularity in the 20th century as its owner at the time disagreed with decimalisation in 1971. He continued to show prices at the bar and box office in pre-decimalisation prices for the next 25 years although if you decide to enjoy a night out at the opera with one of our Islington escorts, the prices have now been converted to their modern equivalent.

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In recent years, Islington has seen something of a revival in popularity and attention. It has become synonymous with the so called champagne socialists who enjoy a comfortable middle class lifestyle yet espouse leftist views about social equality. Islington is also the place in London where you are most likely to put on a few pounds. This is due to the fact that Upper street has more restaurants than any other in London in fact the entire area is best known as the dining capital of the UK. Dinner dates with our beautiful escorts in Islington are the obvious way to spend the earlier part of your date and the Meat liquor is a fantastic choice. Don’t arrive dressed up as the strict dress code states no suits and no ballet pumps! Our Islington escorts love to come here however it is more nightclub than refined restaurant so if you are looking for something a little more traditional then there are plenty of choices further down the street.

Our escorts Islington love the vibrancy and atmosphere of the area which simply oozes style from every angle. Why not take in a production from the local Saddlers wells Ballet or perhaps any production at the various theatres in the area, our Islington escorts are imaginative and artistic themselves but you will have to meet them in person to find out for yourself.