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You have now arrived at our Kilburn escorts gallery, this page is home to all the beautiful women which we have working in the area for your exlusive and discreet services, browse the ladies well and once you have chosen you can get in touch with us by the agency phone or the online reservation form provided. Kilburn is generally known as being a largely Irish area of London however despite this being along held belief, the Irish population is only around 5%. There are bigger groups of Asian and other Arabic ethnic groups in the area but it is the area in which most Irish prefer to live. A walk along the high road on a Saturday night will have you enjoying ‘the craic’ as the Sir Colin Campbell and the Kingdom pubs belt out Irish music and this is undoubtedly the best place to come on St Patricks day for all the celebrations. Lots of our Kilburn escorts have enjoyed fantastic nights in both of these pubs where everyone is given a warm Irish welcome.

The famous Watling Street is now Kilburn High Street and was the scene of the epic battle between Queen Boudicca and the Romans. Despite gathering a following of thousands of East Anglicans during her march to London, The Romans met her at Watling Street and triumphed over her army. There is a plaque set in the paving stones of the high street commemorating this, although it was laid in modern times but might be worth asking our Kilburn escorts to point it out on your date.

Once you have got over your hangover after visiting the Irish pubs in the area you will notice a building resembling a mini Empire State Building. Don’t panic and think that in your alcoholic haze you had boarded a ship to the ‘new world’, it is, in fact, the Gaumont State cinema. Opening in 1937 it was the biggest auditorium in Europe which seated over 4000 people and is a grade II listed building. Today it is a church which seems a shame since the congregation never quite reaches those numbers. Kilburn is a place that will bring you back down to earth. They keep it real here and are a welcome respite from some of the pretentiousness of neighbouring Maida vale and Hampstead. Our own Kilburn escorts are considered as the salt of the earth and offer a genuinely warm welcome to all they spend time with.

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Kilburn attracts people who like a good time. The Irish bars and clubs in the area have an excellent reputation and lots of stag parties used to come here before the Magaluf weekender became a ‘thing’. Our Kilburn escorts are never short of company and our agency would certainly advise those planning a visit to book at their earliest convenience since our escorts in Kilburn are often booked out weeks in advance. Whilst Irish hospitality dominates the pub scene, the restaurant scene is far more exotic. Afghan restaurants, Persian diners and Italian delis all infuse the local air with a distinctly spicy flavour. Of course our very own Kilburn escorts have the sense of adventure and daring personalities to ad their own touch of spic to every encounter so visitors have no worries that their time in this part of North London would ever be considered to be boring. Why not call now and make that date with our gorgeous escorts in Kilburn.