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We are proud to now present you with our gorgeous and flirty Soho escorts which we have working around the clock, be sure to browse the girl profiles well and when you have chosen you can arrange your booking via the agency phone or our online reservation form. Soho is an area of central London normally synonymous with adult themes and is the first place you might think of when booking a date with Soho escorts. Based in Westminster, Soho has long borne the burden of a colourful and somewhat seedy reputation which began in the 1800s however it was originally intended as an upper class residential estate. After passing through the ownership of several Kings and Queens, most notably King Henry VIII in 1536 the land was developed around a central square in the 1680s. The king at that time was Charles II and a statue was placed in the centre to honour him. Kings square, as it was then known, was home to 41 aristocratic families and two of these early impressive homes survive at numbers 10 and 15 Soho square. Certainly, worth a visit if you are in the area if only to marvel at the changes these buildings would have seen over the centuries.

With the development of areas like Mayfair and Bloomsbury, owners of the local manor houses Monmouth House, Leicester House and Carlisle House decide that Soho was not as impressive as they had originally thought and with their departure to bigger and grander properties, so followed all the other wealthy and affluent locals. Soho was a prime location for the new music halls and theatres that were starting to spring up and with alcohol and song came the earliest of the Soho escorts. A reputation for debauchery quickly gained momentum which only attracted the less desirable and less fortunate and soon the area was suffering from overcrowding and was certainly a place to avoid if possible. The escorts in Soho at the time probably started life as entertainers in the theatres. With the possibility of earning extra coin so easily available, the sex shops and strip joints of the 19th and 20th centuries were an obvious progression however with gentrification and commercial investment in the area in recent years, this has all but been eradicated completely.

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Visiting Soho today, it is difficult to believe the area was once a place to avoid. Dangerous, dark and home to all sorts of miscreants, Soho has reinvented itself in recent years. If you did not know the history of the area, you could be forgiven for thinking it has always retained the charm and appeal of a small village with its painted shop fronts, blooming hanging baskets and pavement cafes. There are still plenty of drinking dens in the area however they tend to be modern, airy places which focus on quality dining than anything else. There are still a few traditional pubs in the area, one of which is the John Snow, incidentally a great place to enjoy an icebreaker with any of our escorts Soho.

John Snow was an eminent doctor in the 19th century – before the name was associated with a popular King of the North! It was his observations of the Soho cholera outbreak that lead to the creation of the National hospital for diseases located at 32 Soho Square in 1874. He deduced the outbreak was linked to the local water pump (before realising it was the actual water supply) and a water pump minus a handle is still in situ as a memorial. An interesting fact you might like to impress our Soho escorts with when you are enjoying your drinks in the John Snow pub!